Month: August 2018

Online E Portfolios for Your Students

E portfolios are perfect for students, and you must learn how to find the right places for your kids to use these portfolios. Kids must have a place where they can keep all their learning, and they might do things that help them display their work and get noticed. Colleges check out these portfolios, and the portfolios help kids keep track of all their work. The teachers can check their work easily, and you will be happy with the way that your school progresses.

1. The Portfolios Help Kids Remain Organized

Free e portfolio websites for students allow kids to show off their work. They can upload anything to their portfolio, and they can get grades through the portfolio. This means that you have a place that anyone could check, but you need to be careful with access to these items. Your students have some control over these pages, and they will begin uploading work as soon as they school year starts.

2. The Schools Prosper

The schools prosper every year because their students are much more accountable to the standards that you have set. The kids are posting these things to get grades from their teachers, and they can make public the things that are most important. They can be very proud of what they have done, and they will be much happier with the way that your kids perform because they are working on something that they will work much harder on.

3. The Kids Can Learn Anything

The kids can learn anything from the portfolio projects because they can post any project that is needed. It is much easier for them to start projects, keep track of their projects, and share work with others. The portfolio platform lets the kids see what other people have done, and they can comment on the work. This means that a lot of people could learn from the projects that have been done, and parents can see the work at the same time.

4. The Security

The security on the site allows kids to password protect their work, and they could have the parents check out their work at the same time. The security for the program prevents any hacking, and you will protect the grades that are kept in the system. There are many different ways that you can protect the work that your kids do, and you must ask them to protect their password for the system.

5. Conclusion

The free e portfolio site that you use for the kids at your school is perfect for your kids, and you must show them how to use these programs when the year starts. The kids will learn how to manage the projects that they must work on, and they learn how to use technology so that they can use it effectively at other times in their lives. This means that you are giving them faster results, keeping them accountable, and showcasing their best work.


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How to Pick a Terrific Broadband Internet Provider

It can be taxing to make any decisions that involve telecommunications. It can be especially hard to make choices that involve broadband Internet providers. Competition is pretty fierce nowadays. Narrowing things down can feel pretty overwhelming. It can be extremely difficult to commit to a specific provider. That is the reason that you have to do your homework. If you want to study up on some high-quality Internet providers that are on the market, you can take a close look at the information that is available at A little research can give you more peace of mind regarding your decision.

Explore All of Your Provider Choices

It is critical to be thorough regarding choosing a supplier for your broadband Internet access. Don’t get lazy about learning about all of the options that are on hand for your specific region. You don’t want to miss a terrific provider that’s right under your nose. Be all-encompassing to the max. Search the Internet for options that you may have not heard about before. Ask people if they have any broadband Internet provider suggestions to give you.

Think About Your Daily Internet Use

Broadband Internet suppliers of all types have their own packages and deals. If you want to pick the ideal provider and package, then you need to consider how often you use the Internet. You need to think about the things you use the Internet for day in and day out as well. Ask yourself if you are only online for less than one full hour per day. Ask yourself if you’re on it for hours and hours at a time on a daily basis. Be totally honest, too. It is just as important to think about how you use the Internet. Do you stream video clips frequently? Do you use the Internet mostly to get and respond to emails? Answering these questions can help you get on the path to choosing the best supplier and package.

Think About Uploading and Downloading Speeds

Internet speed should always be a vital consideration for people who are trying to pick high-quality providers for broadband Internet access. It is critical to get in touch with broadband Internet service provider representatives to request more information. Learn about speeds that are associated with uploading and downloading. This is particularly essential for people who regularly upload video and audio clips to the Internet. It’s particularly crucial for people who store many files on the Internet as well. Cloud storage fans always need to take uploading and downloading speeds into full consideration.

Consider Internet Connection Varieties

You can pick a broadband Internet supplier that can make you smile by considering Internet connection varieties. These connection categories run the gamut. People can pick between satellite, cable, fiber optic and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) choices as they wish. If you want to feel good about your Internet connection category choice, you need to browse all of the features that are out there.

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You Can Find the Road to Marijuana Licensing Buried Beneath All the Paperwork

Now that Nevada has finally been able to celebrate a full year of legal weed, and Jeff Sessions appears to be running out of ammo it should start getting easier for the common person to get licensed in the Marijuana business and cash in on all those investment opportunities. You’d think so anyway but don’t count on it, men like Sessions may still have a few road blocks up their political sleeves.

Naturally people panicked after that memo in Jan. 2018 that claimed Feds were going to rescind the DOJ mandate which protects a Nevadans rights to operate in the Marijuana business legally. All that panic for nothing when once again Sessions turned out to be a threat full of nothing but hot air. Political scare tactics ought to be what’s prohibited but such is life when you’re on the losing side and ticked off about it.

Don’t Get Left Behind

The difficulties in acquiring a Nevada marijuana license shouldn’t keep you from at least getting your application submitted. Anyone who waits to see which way the political wind will blow next could find themselves at the end of a very long line. Qualified applicants will only have ten days to get their paperwork in, from 9-07-18 to 9-20-18 between 8am and 5pm is your chance, after that the door closes and who knows when the next time will come around for more licensing dates.

Be prepared to face an application 7 pages long full of questions that will need detailed answers. As long as you already hold a MMJ Establishment Registration Certificate the same application covers a license to grow, produce, retail sales, testing and distribution. There isn’t space here to reprint all application instructions, the following list is just a small sample of what to expect.

  • All fees connected to your request are to be included with your application.
  • Make sure you have all certificate and tax I.D. numbers memorized or, even better bring copies of these documents with you.
  • Provide full, accurate answers. The government expects detail so skimping will not do.

Finally, Nevadans have the right to smoke a legal joint, and enjoy edibles or patches. All those consumers will need a place to shop and that could be your store once you get a license to hang on your wall. Of course, the entire process is harder and probably more complicated than it needs to be but aren’t most things when it comes to the Federal Government?


The opposition is falling state by state, today Nevada is the newest kid on the block, tomorrow who knows? The black market no longer has a choke hold on the Marijuana business and it makes sense with all that money to be made, why not go for your share? You might have to fight for it, wait in lines and then deal with grumpy bureaucrats but once you get that license up on the wall, how it got there isn’t going to matter.

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The Rise of Church Give Software Platforms Makes Tithing Easier

A good number of people have started to look at the software platforms for tithing when they are trying to give to a church. This software has made it much more convenient for congregational members and visitors of a church to give. People do not even have to sit by their computers in order to do this. The technology for giving has become so easy that people can do this on their phones. Sending a simple text message and the amount that they wish to give can be sent to a number and the transaction can be completed.

The Technology Enhanced Millennial Church 

Giving through this way up has become something that is much more common now that people have smartphone technology. Everything that people need when it comes to the Bible and church activities can usually be found online. When people are in distress and they are looking for a certain type of sermon they can usually go to the internet and find something that fits their needs. At a certain time of year when people are interested in giving thanks they can find Thanksgiving Bible verses that can help them with this matter as well. There are so many possibilities that exist when it comes to the Bible and the internet. It made sense for more churches to embrace the concept of church giving software because most of the church is becoming technology-based.

Downloading a sermon online is very common. People that are trying to learn about God will often do so by getting online first. Churches want to give these people that are checking out the website a chance to give if their heart leads them to do this. People may have a desire to give in church but may not have had cash to do so. The app allows them to give any time during the course of a month. There’s are some people that may have gone to church good intentions of giving more, but they may not have had as much as they would have liked to give. The good thing about this is that there are software platforms that allow people to increase their giving online.

Church Is Changing With The Times 

The most important thing to recognize is that this type of giving software is simply a part of the change in time. In the past there was no other way to get money to the church without physically going and placing something in a church offering box or basket.

It is true that this is a good way to fellowship, but there are some people that have jobs that prevent them from coming to church. There are others that have a desire to avoid carrying cash anywhere and this includes church. The church members have various things happening in their lives, and this giving software makes it possible for people to engage in giving without messing up their routines. Ultimately, this is the best way to keep track of your giving.

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The Emergence of AI Software and the Direction It Is Going

Tis the age of AI. Artificial intelligence software is integrated into almost everything. So called smart tech loves it, giving consumers a virtual assistant to offer hands-free management. Chatbots have been around for a while, most beginning their lives in the customer service department. AI has been managing automatic payments, making service announcements, and informing people of movie times since the 00’s. The advances of technology have enabled chatbots to do a whole lot more, but they are still pretty restricted in their ability to form actual conversations.


Chatbots are an official way of saying talking robots. They are assistant based programs designed to “talk back” to user commands. Chatbox framework is the platform of prompts designers create for AI to talk back to. These prompts are usually activated by key words. Many chatbots disclose the key words in their opening prompts, allowing users to progress through their administrative services. These are the ones relegated to customer service. They are key in thinning out service calls so that more complex matters can be administered by real people. Many find them annoying because of the difficulty in understanding certain prompts although that has gotten better. Smartphone AI has a wider berth of responses to match the unbridled access smartphones provide.

Today every single smartphone, tablet, and modern laptop/desktop comes factory loaded with its own digital assistant. Such assistants provide hands-free activation, searching, and even diagnostic checks. They respond to prompts, and even have the capacity for humorous returns. But these are once again mapped to user responses of which there are many. Some digital AIs can even interact with other platforms. Many programmers have gone out of their way to increase the number of commands AIs can respond to. They have even tried to work in NLU, natural language understanding. Still, AIs are relegated to one-off responses without the ability to actually converse. Good news for those fearful of the beginnings of Skynet, AI at this point is nothing more than a voice assistant.

App Usage and Smart Speakers

The biggest development in AI at present is its use in smartphone apps and talking speakers. Voice activated technology is present in a lot of digital software and has unparalleled possibilities. First and foremost being ease of access as voice AI does away with physical input. The main iteration is talking speakers, or smart speakers, that instigate web searches and play music. Smart speakers can also set reminders, act as timers, and answer questions using internet searches. Some have even been able to integrate with other software to control various devices though those are on the fringe. The end goal is for AI to become synonymous with actual human speech so that it is hard to tell the difference. This would allow AI to extend its service to many other avenues even to the point of companionship. The latest AI to AI conversations shows that the road is still long, but at least some distance is being made.

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Technology Is the Link to How Watches Became Cool Again

A good number of people are utilizing their phones to tell time. What this has done is narrow the number of people that are buying watches , but people that love watches for the accessories are still going to be highly engaged in getting this type of accessory to put on their arm.

it is more so about style and it is about telling time when it comes to buying watches. This is why there are a plethora of people that are considering shopping on websites that are going to have a large variety of watches for sale.

Watch Variety Is Key 

most people that are in the market for a watch or going to look at the Variety that a website has. Since they are using these products as accessories they want the ability to buy multiple watches that may come in different colors and styles.

there are some watch lovers that are going to look for the leather bands for the watches. Others may be interested in a watch that is going to have a stainless steel band. There are water resistant watches. There are also different types of material that defines the watch. Some are white gold. Others are Platinum. There are also watches that are yellow gold. The variety is seemingly endless when it comes to the different types of case sizes and shapes.

Quality Is Something You Pay For 

it is easy to pick up a cheap watch in a department store, but more people are looking at the possibilities of getting a quality watch with a guarantee. They want watches that are going to last for a long time, and this is why more people are looking at the various watches that are available online. They have the ability to get certain types of watches that they may not be able to find in an area that they are living in.

when people are looking for a customization for the watch they are going to be willing to pay more. They may have a desire to get a rhombus shape instead of a round or rectangle shaped watch. others may have their Mind Set On getting a certain brand like a Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, Casio, Bell & Ross, or Hermes watch. certain people are interested in luxury watches. this is not anything that is going to be in atypical Shopping Center, so it makes sense for people to consider websites that will give them more options to consider.

Redefining the Watch 

the thing that has made more people engaged and
buying watches is the way that watches have been redefined. There is a greater sense of technology that is connected with some watches of the present day. there are watches that are giving people the ability to play music and check their email and communicate with friends. people have watches that can monitor their steps and check their heart rate. All of this has redefined the watch.

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UC Santa Barbara Information & Events

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ARLINGTON, Va. – U.S. navy researchers are turning to sensor data analysts at Two Six Labs LLC in Arlington, Va., to capitalize on Internet of Things (IoT) expertise to help forestall terrorists from inserting and detonating atomic bombs in or around the nation’s massive metropolitan areas.

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