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New Technology of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest technology exist in the world. For the simple definition, AI or Artificial intelligence is a technology with the human ability. Do you ever think how smart computer is to program something or robot which can do activity like human? This new technology of AI is a magical innovation. It can create an easy lifestyle for human in any fields. If you are still not familiar with this new technology of Artificial Intelligence, you can take a look at the information below.

The Use in Our Daily Lives

This new technology of Artificial Intelligence is famous in the business world. There are many companies that use it to support their business. If you like to shop through the shopping application, it is one of the forms of Artificial Intelligence. The role of AI itself is to make the customers easier to buy the products from the application. You do not need to go to the store, just by using the shopping application and everything is done.

Besides in the business world, you also can find this new technology in our daily lives such as when you want to search information about something trough the search engine such as Google. It really helps you to find anything you want to search. For the other forms of AI, you can find it on simulator games you like, money machine, and scanner technologies.

What are the Benefits?

Because it provides convenience for humans, it gives some benefits for everyone who uses it. This new technology of AI can be used repeatedly from time to time. AI will not disappear because we still can save it anytime. For the government, It is useful to increase its economy. It also can solve any social problems which is good for the people.

What are the Lacks?

Besides giving the benefits, this new technology of AI also have some lacks. There will be limitation for its role. It is because it only produces a command according to the programmer. It means that you can use for one usability only. AI also do not have the understanding ability like human because it only works based on the programmer without knowing the meaning.

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The Economist

Mar 20, 2018. AJCSIT focuses on allocating a platform and persuading transpire intellectuals and academicians worldwide to share their educational and skilled data in the subjects of Pc Science, Engineering, and Technology. It refers to a software program that has been developed to do harm to different computers.

Knowledge center expertise and trade traits. Whenever you search the Internet utilizing Yahoo, content on the Search Outcomes Page comes from a variety of sources. Drones able to reading human heart fee developed Australian researchers have developed a drone capable of measuring an individual’s respiration and heart fee from 60 metres away, an advance that will assist during humanitarian crises.

A local area network (LAN) is a system that connects computers and different units that share a typical communications line and wireless link, typically within a restricted geographical area such as a house or office constructing. For instance, the Microsoft phrase-processing program Word 2010 can read recordsdata created in the 2003 model of the same program, so it is backward compatible.

File switch protocol (FTP) is a common methodology of transferring information through the web from one host to another host. Positive, artificial intelligence can generate hilarious track titles and paint colors, nevertheless it’s additionally powering among the most compelling new expertise of our time.

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