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Getting Free from Your Electric Company

A lot of people experience what I call “electric bill fatigue”. This is a term to describe the constant stress and anxiety that can come from an excessively high electric bill. Whatever the cause, it is absolutely maddening when you keep cutting your energy usage at home only to see more huge bills pile in each month. The only way out is to generate your own power.

When looking at a home power generation system, your two main options are wind turbines and solar panels. In terms of price, they are about the same.

Basically, a wind-powered system generates more power. However, this does not necessarily make it the best option. First, you need to live in an area that has sufficient wind to keep the turbine going for most of the day. This usually means you will have to get it at least 80 feet off the ground. A wind turbine also requires a lot more space than a set of solar panels. So, if you are looking to power the whole neighborhood, you want some turbines. To simply power your own home, however, I would recommend solar.

Depending on your setting, you may have other options available such as a water turbine placed in a creek or river. Whatever you choose, you will certainly need a bank of batteries to store your power, and a qualified electrician to inspect your setup.

The world is rapidly changing, and electricity is a big part of that. As such, the current power model by which most of the world lives is becoming obsolete. There is simply no reason to pay a power company for something that you can generate yourself. While this is something that not everyone can do at present, things will only move forward from this point in the field of renewable energy. Already, things are moving in that direction. In 2016, the number of American homes acquiring solar panels doubled.

When one is looking for solar panel installation Largo FL has numerous good options. Just take a good look around your area. You should have no problem finding a qualified professional who can help you to enjoy the energy independence you have always wanted. Look for a dealer that will allow you to finance the initial cost, as this is one of the marks of a reputable dealer. Some of these companies will give you if 20 years to pay them back.

With a small investment of time and money, you can march steadily forward to that beautiful day when you can call your electric company and tell them that you no longer require their services. No more biting your nails every month, wondering just how bad they are going to set you back this time. Not only that, but you will be in control of your own life, and I think that is an outcome that anyone can be pleased with.

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Five Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Repairs

Having a working electrical system is essential to your home. Not only could faulty systems cause fires, but other injuries can happen as well. It can be hard to know exactly what’s going on, but there are a few signs that can be a pretty good indicator. If you aren’t sure if you need any electrical repair cincinnati oh, then keep reading to see if you have any of these signs in your home.

Blown Fuses

It’s completely normal to have a blown fuse every now and then, but it becomes an issue when it happens more frequently. When it happens frequently, it’s a sign that the circuits are being overloaded and this needs to be fixed by a professional. If you happen to try and replace the breakers, make sure you use the correct size. If the fuses are still blowing, then it’s time to call in help.

Going Through Light Bulbs Quickly

Another indication of electrical repairs is if you’re going through light bulbs quickly. This is especially true if you’re using the light bulbs that have quite a few hours on them. Just like the blown fuses, it’s normal to need to replace light bulbs after a certain amount of time, but you shouldn’t be going through them like crazy. You should also watch to see if some of your lights are bright, while others are dim.

Flicker Lights

If your lights remind you of something straight out of a horror movie, you should probably call a professional. It’s normal for lights to flicker when an appliance kicks on, but it should stop after a little while. If it doesn’t, there’s a high chance that there’s something wrong within the electrical system that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell, then there is an issue in your electrical system. These smells can be very scary because you might not be sure what’s causing them. Sometimes, the burning smells will be accompanied by smoke. Most of the time, a burning smell indicates that the wires are getting overheated and this is what causes fires. If you notice any type of smell like this, call a professional immediately!


One last big sign of an electrical system needing repairs is if you get shocked. This can happen when you’re plugging in or unplugging appliances. You shouldn’t ever get any kind of shock and, if you do, it’s not normal. If you feel any kind of numbness, pain or other symptoms when you get shocked, you need to go to the hospital. If you don’t, you need to call someone in as soon as you can because this usually means there is a pretty serious issue.

If you have any of these, make sure you call in a professional as soon as possible. Leaving it be can cause more issues or even result in your house catching fire. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry.…