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Information technology is the technology required for information processing. This other information technologies include television and telephones. Upon its discovery, information technology was classified into three groups. These four phases are distinct on its own giving more depth to the development of information technology. While in the mechanical stage a mechanical calculator was created and was capable of performing four basic arithmetic operations.

While in the electronic phase an electronic digital stored program computer was created, also development of transistors was done. As for electronic phase there are several key traits that make up this technology as digital. The next is databases whereby it’s a collection of organized information in a regular structure, usually but not necessarily in a machine readable format accessible by a computer.

Data is anything that is stored while information is when the data is organized and presented meaningfully. Data transmission has three aspects which are transmission, propagation and reception. While for telecommunications it involves bidirectional upstream and downstream channels. Data manipulation is the process of changing data in order to make it easier to read or be more organized and is often used in web server logs. The ability of computers to compute information was doubled in every advancement. They are archives that less often visited.

The tools used in information technology include computers, software, routers, servers, printers and modems. For businesses using information technology it aids in basic information process tasks. Thus with the support of information technology this can be done easily. Not only is the information good for answering clients concern but also suitable for an employee’s knowledge and know his/ her input in the company. Also through support of information process task the use of some information technology can reduce time wastage. Decentralized computing is an environment in which an organization or company splits computing power and locates it in functional business areas as well as on the desktop of knowledge of workers.

Some tools like the internet enable us with opportunities that allow for research and from this one can modify or implement different ideas. The online analytical processing is a range of tasks from simple queries on a database to employing sophisticated artificial intelligence tools such as generic algorithms to solve complex problems or take advantage of an opportunity. Information technology is useful I social networks and mobile phones. As for social networks they include things like Facebook or Instagram whereby people can chat and even send pictures of themselves. From these social networks comes into play job creation. This is very advantageous to end consumers as they get to interact directly with no middlemen involved who tend to overprice the produce. It is a brand that has been there for the last twenty five years only delivering the best.

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