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Bali Tour Packages

1. Bali Island. This is seen as the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia and Bali Island has a reputation to live up especially for those new travelers who just came and are anticipating to see paradise. Even through Bali can be “tourist-packed”, it is particularly during hot seasons, this tropical beach paradise never fail to leave its visitors with great amusement of the place. From its white sand beaches to rainforest that is covered with volcanic peaks, it is just a good reason why a lot of people consider Bali as one of the most famous island destinations across the globe. And you are able to relish on the laid back coastal life in a couple of the most excellent beaches in Bali. If you are an outdoor type of person, then you can choose to trek around the rugged volcanic landscapes or you can also hike around the rice terraces made by Hindu people who are deeply spiritual, but if you prefer nightlife, then you can spend your time club hopping in Bali. You can enjoy your time there with great surfing and diving, friendly people and have an island vacation that you can never forget. Here are some things that you need to do while you are in Bali.

2. Islands of Gili and Lombok. Go to this area, this is just situated east of Bali, for more chances to surf, trk as well as enjoy beautiful beaches. Lombok and Bali has similar white sand beaches, on the other hand, Bali has more tourists than Lombok island. And if you want to enjoy island resort hopping, then Gili provides a wide range of island resorts and it is situated northwest from Lombok. You can choose either luxurious resorts or backpacker options and enjoy water sports, surfing and trekking. Mount Rijani, which is an active volcano, draws people who love to trek and provides a great challenge even to the professional hikers. You can explore the island using a motorcycle and go to Senaru village and enjoy their waterfalls or you can choose to snorkel in the blue arounds surrounding the island.

3. Komodo dragon national park. This park serves as the wild habitat for the biggest lizards all over the globe, as a result, never miss visiting this place. This place contains a lot of island and crosses from Rinca island to Komodo island and lets the visitors to go and witness the only habitat that remains for the komodo dragon. Be sure to stay out from their saliva because it is poisonous. In addition, the islands also provide a couple of world class scuba diving.

So make sure not to forget to visit Bali.

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