Biggest Intranet Security Pitfalls

You took an important step in employing an Intranet solution for your business and you trust that all your crucial business documents are safe. But in today’s internet world, cybercrime has become so dynamic and the criminals are continuously looking for any loopholes in private businesses networks since they are aware that this is the only place where they can get your company’s vital data. Listed here are potential loopholes that you should consider sealing to avoid these criminals getting to your important documents.

Security Breaches

At some point, there might be an instance where your intranet portal will bump into traffic that is distrustful including spyware, spam, malware or adware. You will surely need to put in place a strong and efficient firewall that can be able to block any distrustful traffic from getting into your network.

In-House Attacks

Often you may encounter an employee who is a rascal and may cause the breaches right from within the company. You may invest a lot in building up strong firewalls to stop any intruder accessing your intranet but such employees with permissions can cause grave damages to your network. This will require you to constantly and frequently update the permissions consequently. SMEs can come in handy because they restrict access to some sections of the network especially areas with vital data preventing any possible damage to the network. Your IT manager should always be on standby and do away with privileges of access to the network immediately they note any suspicious threats and the employee terminated at once.

Security Policy Violation

A numerous number of times you will experience a user trying to unlawfully access the network with no permission and clearance. Your users, especially your employees, must comprehend clearly the consequences when an employee violates the security policy of your business or company. This is in line with the efforts of protecting the internal systems over the intranet.

Personal Devices

You need to make sure that only the employees with permissions within your business are able to access crucial information and any data that leaves your network has effective firewalls and your business VPN encrypts all the data. Exploitation and cybercrime will be evident when your employees use their personal gadgets to access your company’s vital information. This is so crucial to your business thus you should make it mandatory for all employee devices fitted with the latest antivirus and all devices that have access to the intranet be fitted with personal strong firewalls. This can be done by, limiting access to staff categorically on the basis of need, type of device a specific employee uses or even authority. Setting up of access policies by your IT managers is very important by device type, seniority, the department, security approval requirements, and workflows.

Weak Passwords

Passwords for many users are frequently forgotten, remain unchanged, written on some piece of paper or are generally weak. You need to remind your IT managers to encourage your employees to use passwords that are impossible to guess and more so keep them hidden secretly and change the passwords time to time reducing the possibilities of anyone getting access to your network.