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India VPS hosting

4 logical reasons for Indian business to move to VPS hosting

One can make a list of reasons as to why moving from shared to VPS hosting is beneficial. But the real reason is that in most markets, enterprises need security from the everyday increasing attacks and privacy when it comes to their hosting. Now, in a market like India Vps hosting is popular for the same reason. The number of attacks, privacy concerns and other factors make VPS hosting a top choice for businesses in India. VPS like most say is a better version of shared, but we stand to disagree. VPS comes closer to dedicated hosting when it comes to resources and scale. Hence it is as robust and sturdy as a hosting service.

In all fair means, enterprises in the Asian subcontinent and especially India VPS hosting is the most popular choice. The above mentioned factors are just one part of the aspect but in totality, there are several. With this article. We aim to shed light on the few. So without further delay, here goes-

1. In India VPS hosting is taken care of by managed providers

Easily the biggest advantage for any enterprise in india vps hosting being managed. Which means as an enterprise, the owner can focus on things that matter the most. Business. With shared, you are generally sharing resources with other users, but in case of VPS, you have dedicated resources that too with privacy. Since these resources are managed, enterprises can expect their hosting to be served day in and day out on time without any hiccups. Especially if the provider is dedicated 24/7.

2. VPS servers are high performing in nature

To stand out in the Indian market, entrepreneurs believe that performance is key. Hence, in India vps hosting is deployed by many such business owners to standout in competitive markets. Hosting providers understand this demand and hence have furnished their offerings with latest and state-of-the-art equipment such as Intel Xeon processors that have a high-speed memory along with RAID controllers. Also, these providers have evolved when it comes to storage devices with SSD as an option to mechanical HDD, the former being much better since it is faster and takes lesser time to load data. With this evolution we also see many business owners opting for cloud VPS as they scale which is different from SSD VPS.

3. There are no setup charges for VPS

Some individuals think that while setting up, VPS hosting requires previous technical understanding. That’s not the situation, though. If you select the correct supplier in India VPS hosting deployment will be performed in absolutely no time. In fact, hosting providers set up VPS for free because there is absolutely little or no time spent doing so. Furthermore, VPS has an added advantage of 24/7tech support and uptime of the server. So that there’s a very little or absolutely no chance of being interrupted by the server going down.

4. Unmetered bandwidth in play

VPS ‘ speed, ability to store, and security as made it an absolute favourite with enterprises of all shapes and sizes. One of the reasons so many eCommerce stores and websites producing internet income opt for it because it has more capacity for bandwidth. With this capacity, facilitators of VPS hosting now provide you unmetered bandwidth with every scheme that they have. If your objective is to gain more users of the website in India VPS hosting is certainly what you should have as many internet companies have attempted and tested this path. Needless to say, this has given them instant results.

As we end

We would like to confess that in India VPS hosting is gaining much popularity for the aforementioned reasons. But most of all because entrepreneurs have realised the need of the hour. It is only performance of the website that can boost their online business and in order to do so, it will be the resources that have to be upto the mark.

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