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Basic Information about Hair and Hair Color

It is always exciting to get a new look once in a while, and ladies find hair coloring as among those ways that can realize this goal, and even men of today are already getting interested to do this. Color is simply described as the way light reflects from pigments, and you have these two main kinds of color which are the warm shades like red-yellow and the cool shades like red-blue.

There are some guidelines to decide on what kind of coloring one can have.

For those with a skin tone of ivory, peach, creamy beige, light or dark golden brown, or coppery colored, and with eyes that are blue, blue-green, hazel, light green, amber or coffee colored, then you are in the warm coloring category and you should choose a warm shade for your hair like gold with red highlights, gold or honey brown, copper or mahogany.

If you have a skin tone in the category or rosy pink or beige, dark olive, dark brown, or ebony, and your eyes show light or dark blue, deep green, brown or black, therefore your coloring is in the cool category and you should choose the shades of burgundy highlights, ash or platinum blonde, brown, dark brown, black, gray or white for your hair color.

A permanent hair color for your information has two basic ingredients such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The objective of ammonia is opening the cuticle of the hair shaft which afterwards pave the way of color molecules to enter. The hydrogen peroxide on the other hand bleaches the hair so that new color can be added resulting to your desired shade.

So for those with dark hair and want it lighter, there are two steps to color the hair, which are the bleaching of the hair and then the new color is added. Those with light colored hair and want it darker, they will only have to undergo one step which is the addition of the new color.

Depending on how long the coloring is to last, there are three levels of hair coloring, and these are level 1 which is semi-permanent hair color, level 2 which is the demi-permanent hair color, and level 3 which is the permanent hair color.

In level 1 or semi-permanent hair color, the color molecules are very tiny and they go through the cuticle of the hair into the cortex where the natural hair color is but do not interact with the natural pigment of the hair. For level 2 or demi-permanent hair color, the color molecules are also very small, they go through into the cortex and combine with each other forming bigger molecules.

Case Study: My Experience With Stylists

Case Study: My Experience With Stylists