Four Ways to More Precise Lead Generation

You have an innovative idea that will revolutionize an industry. You put work into perfecting your craft. It’s ready for launch. You sit by your laptop while your website goes live, and nothing. Hitting the refresh button is not changing the number of visits to your page, let alone generating leads.

It’s incredibly common. Your idea is great, and you have something valuable to offer. Your focus was off the mark. You did your research on product sales and marketing, but not on accessibility to consumers. How can anyone buy your product or service, if they can’t find it? Here are 4 ways to generate leads that are interested in your product and want to buy it.

Engage Your Ideal Customer

Current consumers are internet savvy. Before engaging with a sales team, they have already done research online. It is here that your website or blog stands the best chance at generating a lead. If you are the knowledgeable voice that supplies the answers they are looking for, then you will be on their mind when consumers look for the best quality products and services.

In this phase of buying, the consumer is looking for information only. It is not the time to sell. Using your website as a platform for information about your product and services, explaining who you are, and providing easy navigation is a strong first step.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s one thing to have a great website, but consumers need to find it. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO , is the way. Ever wonder why certain websites pop up on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo? There are web crawlers programmed to find them. Of course, you can learn to program your own web crawler and become fluent in computer jargon, or you can find a service that does it for you. Search engines are not the same, some are more complicated than others.

Update Your Content

Industries change, new ideas emerge, and it is in your best interest to stay on top of the trends. You not only want to stay relevant, as the voice of authority on your product, but there needs to be a fresh new way someone sees your product when decision making. Use data cleansing to remove old or corrupted content. If there is meaningless data on your website, the search engines may have difficulty keeping your website in a quick access location.

Build a Relationship with Prospective Consumers

Capture the email addresses as they visit the website. Create a newsletter or an advertisement on social media to keep your company name in front of prospective buyers. As with any relationship, be patient, take your time. Allow the consumer to come to you, creating a rapport of trust and reliability.

By using these tactics, you will target only those consumers that are actively looking for the product or service you have to offer. Unless you are knowledgeable about computer programming, SEO, website creation and maintenance consider enlisting experts to help.