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Get to Know Your HVAC System and How You Benefit From It

There is a tiny box for our HVAC system in our homes that gives us a cooler and warmer environment in our house and we do not take notice of it not until we have a problem of the temperature inside our homes. The initial HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning where the system’s main purpose is to give the environment inside our house where it is installed is comfortable. There are two types of HVAC systems, the residential which is for day to day air and heating of our homes, and the commercial systems which are generally more complex and customized according to the needs of the business.

Further, for the homes or residential, there are also two basic systems that you can choose to install. The radiant system or termed as radiator is the one type of residential system, and it uses water that flows through pipes in the unit and radiates air that is either cool or heat. The second type is the forced air system, which pushes air through a fan and into the ducts, and is the more common type used nowadays, and it can also be heated during wintertime through the furnace coils. You can either fuel this system using gas or electricity.

Usually, a typical HVAC unit would last on the average of about fifteen years as its life expectancy. This length of life expectancy of the unit is supported of course with a regular maintenance of changing duct filters ever few months so that the quality of air in your home is kept high.

To decide if you need a new HVAC unit system or just have the old unit repaired will be answered best by a licensed repairman. There are some considerations to help you decide if you need to have a new unit or not, and these are the length of time you had the current unit, if the current unit has sustained damage due to some incidents or weather, if the present unit is faulty to begin with, and others. Other issues that should make you suspect something is wrong is when your system does not work when it should, if it shuts down automatically, or if it blows warm air instead of cold and the other way around.

It is thus advisable that aside from talking to your local repairman about your unit, that you are also know some things about your HVAC system so it will be easier for you to make a decision of whether buying a new one or just repair the current unit.

There are benefits that you can get in hiring a reputable heating and air conditioning services because they are the best people who can regulate the conditions in your home to make it comfortable.

The Art of Mastering Air

The Art of Mastering Air