New Technology for The Classroom

There are many ways for teachers and parents to connect today. Besides the typical phone call to your home, now, you can reach your child’s teacher online. New software apps are coming out that allow teachers, parents and students to track their progress. Student digital portfolio apps are being used nationwide for students to upload papers, artwork and many other things. The teacher will be able to view them at any time and can grade them. The grades are kept on record and totaled each quarter. Technology is the future and schools are beginning to see the need for upgrading their educational policies to include more computer software programs. The digital apps are the first step in this process.

Maintaining Your Students Grades

It is no longer necessary for teachers to keep detailed records by hand of all of their student’s achievements and grades. With a digital app, they can upload any tests that may have been taken along with the score or homework grades. It is a much easier process than in the past and much more accurate. When it comes time for the teacher to tally all of the marks of a student, they can do it quite easily and transfer them to the students report card. There is no longer a need to carry around a large pile of paperwork and go through it one by one. With the online program, all of it is available at the same time.

Parents Can View Their Child’s Progress In The Classroom

Once the parent has been given access to the online app, they can see exactly what their child has been doing in school. They do not have to rely on the child bringing home test papers or possibly not showing them a test score. It is easy to find out what grades he or she has been receiving. It also allows parents the opportunity to open a dialect with the teacher by sending messages. It is a much faster way to contact them and it can stop any problems the child may be having from going any further. Communication between the teacher and the parents is essential for any child to succeed in school.

Getting Grades And Changing Errors

With all of the things that a teacher is responsible for, it is easy for them to make a mistake sometimes. If the parent is diligent in checking the school app, they could find any of these and ask to have it corrected prior to it becoming a permanent part of the students record. There is also no need for paper report cards any longer. They can be preserved digitally now and viewed at any time.

The new school software programs are making it much easier for colleges to obtain information on potential students. They can easily review records from kindergarten through high school on anyone. This has hastened the college application process tremendously. Finding out what the students grades have been over the years used to take quite a bit of time.