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Social And Emotional Learning Skill: The Balanced Foundation Of A Child’s Basic Education.

Today’s new learning strategy does not only focus on the mastery of academic subjects like mathematics and sciences but it also includes moral and social learning to balance the process.

This has been the case because many experts have seen the great difference with a child’s progress when instilling good manners and right conduct, and social interaction in education. This somehow balances the equation of intelligence quotient and emotional quotient in a person that results in a better personality trait. But then, it should not be discounted that the learning about behavior, emotional, and social skills starts from the home through the parents and only enhanced in school.

Social and emotional learning skills are those that relate to the development of characters involving managing emotions, interacting with others and showing empathy as well as making sound and responsible decision making. This is suggested to be taught at the early stage of learning because it in this age that acceptance to what is being taught has a strong effect. More to it, the goal of teaching social and emotional learning skills is to ensure that a child will mature in self-management and awareness, be able to establish social and relationship skills with others and exercise until developed, effective and optimistic thinking, and adjusting to different challenges.

This will indeed make the child grow and look at life positively and will address its progress as learning continues. All the same, it helps in developing the child’s ability to act and respond accordingly to challenges and conflicts.

This is now a thing of importance because when dealing with the norms of life, the knowledge of basic values, interpersonal relationships and positive responses to life, can be introduced at an early stage where receptive output is high.

So a student has to develop according to the academic skills to excel in field of expertise in the future and must also possess the proper behavior from social and emotional learning skills as that will also determine the kind of personality and attributes the person will have in exercising that expertise.

As the saying goes, mastery in academic skill will be nothing and of no use if behaviour is not finely tuned into the right foundation of values that makes the person’s character and personality be what he should be and shows proper social and emotional skills in any given situation.

Learn about where you can allow your child to learn social and emotional skills now that you know it is equally important in educating your child as they grow.

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