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Benefits of an Architectural Specification Writing

The well written specification documents are considered to be crucial tools in the sales and marketing construction products. The primary role of this is in providing information with regards to the construction products which cannot be easily shown on a CAD drawing. Through developing a standard specification clause, it gives a means of saving the specifier time that will enable easy inclusion and to also ensure that a construction product will be described correctly with what was the original intent of the manufacturer. Specifications like these could be written for it to help in lessen the opportunity for specifications for it to be value engineered out from the project by the buying department of the contractor or perhaps by the quantity surveyor.

A lot of people who are involved on a specification process knows that architects tends to re-use specifications. Also, BIM is changing the form of specifications and on how the construction team works. It is crucial for any manufacturer that they review on the specification documents and to have a descriptive product specification as well as a generic performance specification that’s made available in BIM formats.

By reviewing on the architects projects or their practice specification document, this will allow you to become a trusted advisor as well as a custodian specification.

If you are going to regularly going to review the specifications of your architect, below are the benefits that you will get:

Have control in keeping product information accurately.

This becomes simple for the construction design team of being able to accurately specify your construction products.

This also helps ensure that the Construction Decision Making Unit (DMU) will be clear on the key attributes of the construction product.

It likewise helps to reduce the chances of the construction product to be substituted because of the fact that the construction project progress from the design as well as from the specification of the construction

The last benefit is that this will allow you to demonstrate how your product is going to meet standards, health and wellbeing, sustainability and this is also compliant on the health and safety requirements.

Good specifications is a clear indication on the levels of the quality expected, quality of the materials, workmanship and relevant standards which needs to be met. Specifications actually are the only way with how to help capture the information in a proper way.

Specifications are actually crafted carefully made and highlights to where the project specific choices can be made. Most work focuses on the case of ensuring it and if all cost cutting and substitution and reasons why a product was chosen is made clear through the case of producing the ammunition as well as the incentives to defending the original decisions which will reduce the case of product substitution.

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