The Military Has Embraced the Need for More Cybersecurity Workers

As technology has advanced, cyber threats have become a very real security breach. There are numerous programs and certifications available in this growing field. This now includes a new training program from the military in downtown Colorado Springs. Active duty members of the military are preparing to train for careers in the cybersecurity sector as they are getting ready to leave the military. This was made possible due to a partnership with Fort Carson.

There is seventeen military personnel making the transition to working as a civilian. One is from the Air Force Academy and the other sixteen are from Fort Carson. The military cyber security certification program is called the SecureSet Academy Core Technical Program. This is a twenty-week training program created to help the military obtain careers as information assurance analysts, security consultants, penetration testers and security engineers. This is part of the initiative Fort Carson began for the soldiers. Cybersecurity training has been officially added to the career skills programs for the soldiers preparing to leave the Army. This training is currently available for the personnel serving at any of the military installations. For additional information please visit here.

The Senior Manager for the workforce stated the military is hoping to enroll 25 of their military personnel prior to the beginning of the next round of classes. All of the students from the military will be placed with an employer to ensure they receive a scholarship. The goal of the program is to achieve 100 percent placement by the time the program concludes. There are currently well over 100 cybersecurity companies located in Colorado Springs specializing in cybersecurity. This number also includes military contractors, nonprofit organizations and military units focused on cybersecurity. The National Cybersecurity Center has been in operation for roughly a year and there are still hundreds of positions in the industry that need to be filled.

The curriculum for the SecureSet includes 100 instructional hours in labs and twelve courses including cryptography, system fundamentals and security, strategy and analysis, detection and logs, network fundamentals and security, security culture, threat intelligence and risk and compliance. All of these courses will be available for the military at the SecureSet campus. Military personnel must pay a tuition cost of $25,000. A corporate scholarship will cover $10,000 and the remainder is eligible for educational benefits under the GI Bill. This includes the certifications for Systems Security Professional and Security Plus. For more details please visit this site.

Veterans, the Reserves, the National Guard and their spouses are also able to participate in the SecureSet Core Technical Program. The cost for these civilians is $20,000 because the certifications are not included. The civil and military program students will be attending the same classes. The location at the Colorado Springs campus for SecureSet is temporary. The program will be moving to a location downtown. The company also has campuses in Tampa, Florida, and Denver offering two additional programs. These are a 36-week course for the Core Technical Program and a twelve-week training program for security analysts.