The Reality of Your Apps

Did you know that so many different people all over the world utilize smartphones and apps in their everyday lives? According to, there are about 2.1 billion smartphone users and counting. Almost everyone you know, family, friends, teachers, students, peers, etc., all have some type of smart device. What is the big deal with smartphones? Well, many people use smartphones because they can do everything they need to do with one single device that fits in the palm of their hand. For example, decades ago, people had to go do all their errands in person. Going to the bank to transfer money had to be done either at the ATM Machine or in person. Now, people can simply login into their smartphone banking app all within seconds. The convenience of the smartphone apps has many advantages, but at the same time you could be risking a lot.

Being able to use your phone to take care of all your errands is always a plus. Many people are grateful that they can take care of almost anything from their very own phone. Many people are even able to stay at home and work from home all because of their phone. Many people also even make money just from certain apps that pay them for downloading and playing them. Apps have proven to be the number one most popular reason people utilize smartphones. But, what if you knew that smartphone apps can cost you your whole life? People worry about getting their computers hacked, but what about your smartphone?

Many people carry sensitive information all on their smartphones. Their banking histories, credit cards, and medical information can all be found on one’s phone. There are hackers out there willing to do whatever they can do to access this information. Technology has started to make it more and more easier for hackers to access your personal information through hacking your phone. According to, many people have been hacked with their phones, and have no idea it even occurred. Hackers are targeting smart phones to steal your wealth. Even third party app stores could be a threat because you download apps from companies who are not the original manufacturers. Anyone can make an app realistically, and you will never know who is legitimate and not. Therefore, it is important to take some precaution when downloading apps from third parties and using personal information within these apps.

Again, having a smartphone is a great thing because of all the opportunities it overs with completing errands for us and keeping us organized, but you should always be cautious. Before downloading a specific app, make sure to do research on the app to make sure it is legitimate and not some fake app trying to hack into your phone. Also, don’t fall for fake claims apps. There are so many apps claiming to earn you money or fix your phone by downloading this app. You must be able to examine and research the app to avoid downloading a hacker.